A Motorcycle Adventure in India: 5 reasons why

Many travelers are hesitant whether they should rent a Royal Enfield and go on a motorcycle adventure while they’re in India. But I can tell you for sure, without a doubt, that as soon as you hop on that beast and get her roaring, you’ll wonder why you ever doubted yourself. Here are 5 good reasons why you should do a motorcycle trip around India:

The freedom of the open road
The freedom of the open road

1. There’s no other freedom like this

Nothing I can tell you here will be able to relate that feeling of pure joy and freedom that you’ll have the first day as you roar off into the horizon and begin your motorcycle adventure in India. You never know what could happen, just get on that beast and try it!

The sound of the world around you as you fly through it, the feeling of the wind knocking you around, the continuous 180 degree panorama… it’s all part of that fully immersive experience that travel by motorcycle will give you.

On top of the world
On top of the world

2. It’s not nearly as dangerous as it looks

Travelers can get quite intimidated when they first see the chaos of Indian traffic. I’ve got to admit, I had no idea how I’d survive even getting out of Delhi, let alone the entire country! But once you get into it, you’ll realize that there’s an order to the chaos.

Just make sure that you ignore the lines on the road and always be aware of what other vehicles are doing. Fill any space you see as soon as it opens. If a cop stops you and demands money, give them 100 rupees max!

By the way, if you forgot to get an international driving license before you leave home, just order one online and print the soft copy

Her name is Lassie
Her name is Lassie

3. Trains and buses are a headache in India

Even if you book far in advance, things can still go wrong. Sometimes buses or trains just disappear… sometimes it’s overbooked and someone takes your seat… sometimes someone just takes your seat anyway.

The amount of time you spend trying to figure out trains and buses is better spent enjoying the scenery as you roar on by. You’ll have much more time to do whatever you want if you get your own motorcycle and adventure through India on your own terms.

Off the beaten trail
Off the beaten trail

4. You can get up and go at any moment

Most obvious of all, the freedom that having your own two wheels gives is the ability to change your path at any given moment. You don’t like the village you’re in? Get up and leave. Find another one 50 km down the road and relax there for a bit.

Because India is so diverse, you want to be able to change your environment whenever you want. Having a Royal Enfield puts the entire country in your hands. There’s so much to see and do that is just so much easier to find on a bike, especially all of those hidden temples, retreats and monasteries that aren’t in the guidebook.

The friends you'll find
The friends you’ll find

5. You’ll make a lot of friends along the way

To tell you the truth, you’ll make a lot of friends in India no matter how you travel. But you’ll be much more accessible by the locals (and much more of a wonder to them) if you’re rolling up on a Royal Enfield. I can’t even count how many selfies and photos I have with people I’ve never met before.

Going on a motorcycle adventure of your own gets you out of the tourist bubble and gives you a true experience of incredible India. We offer advice for choosing the right bike, rentals, and purchases just right for your next big adventure.

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