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Heritage walk of Delhi

Vegan Heritage Tour of Delhi — Book Now!

Explore Old part of the city of Delhi in a new way! My walking tour is oriented at learning about the history of the once walled city of Old Delhi and its people, especially, members of the Jain faith and their eating habits that led to the emergence of several historical vegan food spots scattered across the small labyrinths of Old Delhi.

As we explore the hidden sidestreets, crumbling palaces, and secret rooftops, I will show how Indian dietary habits have evolved over thousands of years and how more than half of the population here developed vegetarianism as a lifestyle choice. We will discuss the history of vegetarianism in India and its roots in casteism, and compare it with the ethical veganism movement and how it started.

After seeing the numerous vegan food spot scattered through Old Delhi, you’ll see it is not difficult to adapt to Veganism in this environment. And of course, no walk is completed without tasting the local food. Indulge yourself in food history which is as ancient as this city!

Every morning from 8 AM – 11 AM.

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