About Us

Travel Yoga Cafe


Our Vision

We built this concept on top of three of our passions: travel, yoga, and food! We do our best to seek out the most unique and enriching experiences in each of these and share them with you. This cafe is more than just a cafe–it is a community for like-minded individuals to gather and collaborate. This is your home, your oasis in the heart of Delhi.

Our Story

It all started when Tyler bought a Royal Enfield Bullet (Lassie) from Omer and took a trip around Leh-Ladakh. Omer invited Tyler to his houseboat in Srinagar, and before you knew it, this dream was hatched!


Meet the Team

Omer sitting on his motorcycle

Omer Baktoo




Having been involved in the tourism and hospitality industry for almost two decades, Omer’s deep knowledge and expertise on India’s hidden gems amplifies the travel perspective that Travel Yoga Cafe shares with its community. He is also chief happiness engineer and makes sure that anyone coming through has the journey of a lifetime.

He’s got a house in Goa with 2 dogs and 5 cats where he likes to chill on his free time. He also likes to spend his time with his family in Srinigar when he’s not ripping around the country on his Royal Enfield.


Tyler Scharf

Tyler Scharf




With more than 40 countries and 6 years of living abroad under his belt, Tyler knows what exploration and adventure really means. Using a range of knowledge from the various cultures he’s experienced, people he’s collaborated with, and skills he’s picked up, Tyler crafted the concept for Travel Yoga Cafe’s visuals, music and food.

Tyler spends his time taking photos, reading books and listening to music when he’s not traveling. He has an obsession with motorcycles, as he feels it is only when facing the open winds that you can really experience the road.



Chef Sambhav Sharma

Sambhav Sharma


Chef & Local Historian



Humpreet Singh

Humpreet Singh


Chef & Vegan Awareness Expert



Pepe sitting in the cafe



Freelance Concept Consultant


Pepe is an explorer at heart who has been on the road non-stop for the past 6 months. He’s got the know-how on inner workings of hostels, cafes, and everything that travelers love. This has breathed life into Travel Yoga Cafe’s approach to spreading awareness and community development.


Why don’t you come down for a coffee and check out for yourself?